Our Products

Why Choose our Products

Here at The Soap Connoisseur we only use Natural /Organic ingredients.  Every single one of our bar soaps, body scrubs & other products are naturally based.
You could eat most of our ingredients.
We formulate all our products
-Our entire range is vegetarian (mostly vegan) and 100% Palm Oil Free.
-Our soap is what is known as ‘cold process’ soap. This means it is not boiled for hours and hours (hot process soap).
-Our product making is based on gently helping ingredients to combine, and letting the ingredients do its thing naturally. We do not believe in the use of excessive heat
-Neither our soaps, nor their ingredients, are tested on animals.
-All our soaps are 100% biodegradable.
-Our soap is rich in glycerine, naturally produced during the soap making process. We do not remove this natural moisturiser from our bars.
-We take great pains to be environmentally conscious with our packaging. All our packaging is recyclable.