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Our Process

Our Brand Story

The Soap Connoisseur was established by Mahawa Kamara, who after trying many commercial products couldn’t treat her daughter’s dry and sensitive skin. With this frustration she started making her own products with natural and organic ingredients in her kitchen. After experimenting with several formulations, she was able to teach herself traditional soap making, and soon found herself producing soaps and bathing products for family friends.  As, the demand grew The Soap Connoisseur was born, creating natural skin products to feed the skin.

Understanding Skin Type

The Soap Connoisseur believes in finding skincare solutions through natural ingredients such as plants and botanical’s. We believe people should live confidently in the skin there in and have good skincare available for them to take care their skin. By targeting each skin type , we create products to suit every skin type,  supporting you in the cleansing and protection of your skin. Your most versatile organ.