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Everyday Simple Luxuries 

 Each product has been specially formulated with plant-based ingredients & essentials oils. These scents will cling gently to your skin. .



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Chantelle Welsh - MD

Travel Locations 

My teenage daughter & I have fallen in love with the Lavender & lemongrass soap. We have both used the bar on our face and seen/ experienced softness and radiance in skin tone and texture 

Danielle McDonald -

CEO Brands of Colour 

It truly delivers on the product and brand promise. It melts into my skin, smells amazing and I absolutely love that there is a use by date. This for me represents how natural all of The Soap Connoisseur ingredients are. It's a body butter made with love and one I highly recommend. I will be a repeat customer for sure and look forward to treating myself to more skinfood from The Soap Connoisseur range!

Kobi Mensah -

I used the blueberry scrub and rose geranium face oil for my skin' my skin feels good and have seen changes to my skin tone .. would definitely recommend to men and women !!

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The connoisseur beauty experience is our bespoke skincare consultation service designed to support you in understanding your skin type and caring for your skin to attain skin confidence 

The Connoisseur Beauty Experience